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Dangerous Path outside 24 Watermeadow Park, Old Bawn 3

12:30 Apr 02, 2012

The path directly outside 24 Watermeadow Park, old Bawn is cracked and broken. It is very dangerous. My 1.5 year old has already tripped twice on it in...

24 Watermeadow Park, Old Bawn, Dublin 24

Street sign 2

10:45 Apr 02, 2012

There's a large advertisement street sign outside the Baurnafae pub in Rathcoole which is blocking the view of cars turning right from Stoney Lane onto...


Loose & noisey manhole cover Butterfield avenue Rathfarnham 1

09:04 Apr 02, 2012

There is a loose man hole cover which is extremely noisy during peak traffic times. The man hole cover is locate on butterlied avenue at the junction...

butterlied avenue

dumping and burning kiltalown green area 2

22:07 Apr 01, 2012

People who dont live in the area are now dumping their rubbish and burning it on the green area on kiltalown road,can the council not put cameras up to...

kiltalown green area tallaght

Anti Household Charge Posters 2

13:28 Apr 01, 2012

It is now clear that posters that are erected to advertise public meetings are exempt under the Litter Pollution Act. However, how long after the advertised...

St Johns Road West Clondalkin

Yet another drinks & bin burning party in Tymon Park 2

11:21 Apr 01, 2012

This morning the remains of yet another drinks and bin burning party in evidence in the area indicated on the map over.

In Tymon Park adjacent to Osprey Park, Willington

illegal dumping kiltalown 2

20:42 Mar 30, 2012

Bags of rubbish dumped on green area on kiltalown road,if the council would put cameras up in the green area it would solve this problem and a lot more.

kiltalown green area tallaght

street lights 2

20:36 Mar 30, 2012

Street light not working outside number 6,7 tymon north lawn

tymon north lawn tallaght


Field opposite Allenton Drive plus Grass Verge 2

19:54 Mar 30, 2012

Dear Sir or Madam The Field opposite Allenton Drive is overgrown, as is the grassverge adjoining it, could you please arrange to have them cut and to...

allenton drive, tallaght

Grass verge overgrown 2

19:51 Mar 30, 2012

Dear Sir or Madam The grass verge on both sides of Allen ton Road/Old Court road are overgrown, could you please arrange to have it cut as soon as possible....

Allenton Road and Old Court Road, dublin

Refuse bags piling up 3

19:25 Mar 30, 2012

House No.4 Sundale Close is an absolute disgrace. It was reported weeks ago about this problem and although they had a visit from the litter warden, nothing...

Sundale Close Tallaght

Damaged Path 5

16:19 Mar 30, 2012

To whom it may concern, I have just paid my household charge and would now like to see what my money gets. I am reporting a very dangerous path defect...

Cromwellsfort Road, Dublin 12

Litter bins 3

15:50 Mar 30, 2012

To whom it may concern, I would like to report a lack of Bins within Beechfield Park, off Cromwellsfort park in Dublin 12. Signs have been put up recently...

cromwellsfort park Dublin 12

Badly damaged road surface 2

14:32 Mar 30, 2012

Road surface at the bus stop near entrance to The Rookery, Scholarstown is badly potholed; approx 2feet x 2yards. Cyclists are forced to pull out into...

The Rookery, Scholarstown Road

Increase in Graffitti 2

11:57 Mar 30, 2012

With the area of Russell Square and Lawns there is an increased number of walls with graffitti appearing which is quite disturbing.

Russell Square & Russell Lawns Estates


Broken street light 1

08:26 Mar 30, 2012

Street light no. 8 at end of cul-de-sac in Templeogue Wood D6W has ceased working.

Templeogue Wood, D6W


Graffiti claiming Sen David Norris 2

23:59 Mar 29, 2012

Grafitti conerning Senator David Norris has been left on wals since the presidential election. Two sites currently are: (a) St Cuthbert's Road, Deansrath,...

Convent Road and St Cuthberts Road


Non working Bulb in Street Light 2

19:19 Mar 29, 2012

The Light on Pole 10, at the small roundabout on Wood Dale Drive, Ballycullen, Dublin 24 is not working

Wood Dale Drive, Dublin 24


Street Lighting Report 3

20:21 Mar 28, 2012

A Public Street light at the end of Stocking Wood Heath Rathfarnham (Outside Apartment 5 or 6)has not been working for a number of months. It's the last...

Stocking Wood Heath, Rathfarnham


Speed bump, defect 1

19:03 Mar 28, 2012

The speed bump outside numbers 89 and 91 Marian Road, Rathfarnham is in a severe state of disrepair. The surface is crumbling and when traffic passes...

Marian Road, Rathfarnham