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Traffic light change in sequence causing major backlog 1

11:24 Aug 20, 2013

Traffic lights at junction of Westwood hotel are causing major backlog along Thomas Hynes Road, in the evenings the backlog is the whole way to the westside...

Junction of N59 and Thomas Hynes rd

sewer manhole overflowing 2

10:22 Aug 20, 2013

Sewer manhole overflowing onto 'the black path' opposite St Killians NS Kingswood

kingswood heights dublin 24

Illegal dumping 1

09:24 Aug 20, 2013

Dumping in back lane (previously reported august 3rd). As before, this was afterwards set on fire. Fire brigade came twice. this time residents put it...


Grass Dumping 1

08:16 Aug 20, 2013

Grass dumping

limerick city

Road closed with gate 2

22:59 Aug 19, 2013

Road is closed off with gate which is padlocked, road used to be freely accessable, please remove gate / padlock or advise if it is private road (cul...


Street light not working 1

21:03 Aug 19, 2013

The street light at the end of Griffeen Glen Green (outside #19) in Lucan is not working. All other street lights in the area appear to be working so...

Outside 19 Griffeen Glen Green, Lucan


Newport St / Marrowbone Ln, D8. Reported from to 0

20:38 Aug 19, 2013

See photo. Flatscreen TV box. Can afford a new flatscreen and then chucks the packaging out on the street. This is not poverty, it is anti social bahaviour....


Newport St / Marrowbone Ln, D8. Reported from to 0

20:35 Aug 19, 2013

See photo. A booster seat, empty pint glasses, clothes, what the h*ll ?!