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Tree replacent 2

23:19 Feb 19, 2013

Fallen trees at Westport Mall need to be replaced to preserve the beauty of the Mall and the town. Congratulations on making this service available.


Multiple Potholes across road 2

23:14 Feb 19, 2013

Multiple potholes across road on ajoining road (known locally as the Star road) between Tavneena/Tavneena upper/Glann road and Cashel/Silolane Cross Road....


Deep Dangerous Pothole 2

23:04 Feb 19, 2013

Deep dangerous pothole Glann side of Tavneena National School ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Very deep wide dangerous pothole 2

22:59 Feb 19, 2013

Very deep wide dangerous pothole right at T junction where Kilkenny Rd R375 ajoins N5 at Swinford. ---- This report was originally submitted at


Serious danger to cyclists 1

22:44 Feb 19, 2013

There is a very large hole on lesson street dublin, which would be very dangerous for cyclists , it is at least a half a foot deep and would cause cyclists...


Potholes and road deterioration 2

22:14 Feb 19, 2013

Unavoidable potholes on single track road. Deterioration of road causing large grooves and considerable height difference in surface. Portholes have been...


Temple cottages d7 1

21:23 Feb 19, 2013

dumping under the sign, and a lot of loose litter on the road in both directions

Temple cottages d7.jpg

Road in need of repair at Tyholland Monaghan 2

21:14 Feb 19, 2013

Road leading from Tyholland chapel to Seveagh, Glaslough. Complaint: In the Terrycaffe area and Seaveagh area the road has an extraordinary number of...

Tyholland, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan

Potholes in Erriff 3

20:52 Feb 19, 2013

Road through Erriff Liscarney Westport badly needs attention for potholes.

erriff Liscarney Westport

serious pot holes and road deterioration 1

20:29 Feb 19, 2013

Laragh road has serious pot holes and a lot of deterioration of the road. Large amount of water on the road and you can't see the pot holes as they are...


Bridge on the Chapelizod By-pass. 0

20:26 Feb 19, 2013

In recent years, a bus lane was introduced on the by-pass in both directions. The bus lane includes that section of the road where it passes over the...

Chapelizod By-pass Bridge at Kylemore Road.

Large black sacks Heatherview 3

19:43 Feb 19, 2013

Some lovely person left two large black sacks of rubbish on Dalepark rd, beside Heatherview and Aylesbury shopping centre. Someone else has reported it...

Dalepark Rd, Aylesbury, Tallaght

foothpath to be build for children and parents going to St Ciarans NS in Hartstown 1

18:26 Feb 19, 2013

I wonder if there is any possibility for Fingal County Council to build a foothpath trough park near the St Ciarans NS in Hartstown.On wet conditions...

hartstown road, dublin 15

Water leaking 2

18:20 Feb 19, 2013

Water is leaking from a pipe onto the street.

Between #12 & #14 Mount Garrett Grove, Tyrrelstown, Dublin 15

Dangerous potholes 1

18:15 Feb 19, 2013

I am reporting that there are dangerous potholes again on the L7462 road branching off to the Manor Kilbride Military Camp. The first batch are at the...

L7462. Top road to Sally Gap from Bohernabreena

Lighting 2

18:14 Feb 19, 2013

Light pole 1 at entrance to Hawthorn Drive, Portlaoise is not working (This light has to be fixed on a regular basis, seems to be faulty)

Hawthorn Drive, Portlaoise


Monaghan to Emyvale road - dirt on road 2

17:40 Feb 19, 2013

Road is extremely dangerous and dirty. Site vehicles on the road taking dirt onto the road. Cannot see road marking - yellow lines or cat eyes... its...


Road inTyholland Monaghan in desperate need of repair. 1

17:02 Feb 19, 2013

This is a section of road that leads from Tyholland church Co. Monaghan from the N12 and extends through the townlands of Leitrim, Shelvins and Seaveagh....

Seaveagh, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan

Road surface, crossroads, Kildare Town Centre 2

16:32 Feb 19, 2013

After the recent rains, the road surface at the traffic lights in Kildare town centre/the Square is severely damaged and covered in potholes. Resurfacing...

Kildare Town

Filter Road too short 1

15:54 Feb 19, 2013

The new filter lane at the junction to turn right on the N6 is still too short. 3 lanes are being forced into 2 where there is insufficient space. There...