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power box for traffic lights only repainted on two sides. 1

22:26 Jun 10, 2013

the power box for traffic lights at 113 Marian road was recently repainted_- but only on the side facing the road. graffiti is still visible on path side.

pedistrian traffic lights opp church on Marian road


Graffiti in Lambay View,rush 1

21:30 Jun 10, 2013

Most of the lampposts in lambay view have been graffitied with the word 'anto' in bright green paint.could you please do something to remove or cover...

Rush, lambay view estate


Illegal Dumping 2

19:59 Jun 10, 2013

Extremely large pile of domestic refuse at side of house at 11 Sundale Grove Tallaght. Looks like a very bad health hazard, needs urgent attention.


Long Lane, D8. Reported from to 1

17:19 Jun 10, 2013

See photo. lots of litter strewn from the bags - road needs a sweep as well


Grafitti on Tallaght Bypass at slip road to M50 1

17:13 Jun 10, 2013

Grafitti on sound barrier at Tallaght Bypass down from the Esso Station.

tallaght bypass


Grass cuting Newlands Cross 2

16:10 Jun 10, 2013

Dear Roads / Parks Dept Many thanks for previously cutting the grass at the Naas Rd - Fonthill Rd South corner once again the grass and bushes etc need...


Street lighting 1

16:02 Jun 10, 2013

Street light not working on Palmer road it is the second light on the left hand side as you come into palmer road from skerries road just beside the...



Fumbally Lane, D8. Reported from to 1

16:00 Jun 10, 2013

See photo. dumping spot in an alcove down past the cafe

Fumbally Lane, D8.JPG

Grass Needs attention in Firhouse 2

15:59 Jun 10, 2013

Grass verges in the Firhouse area are out of control, they need to be cut more frequently.


Grass needs to be cut in public space Old Mill Cross Roads 2

15:57 Jun 10, 2013

Lenght of grass has been out of control for quite some time.

Old Mill Cross Roads

rubbish and overgrown nettles 5

15:48 Jun 10, 2013

rubbish dumped along wall also nettles and trees overgrown starting to look disgraceful

next to 2 oatfield drive

Grass Maintainence 2

15:25 Jun 10, 2013

The grass on the inside perimeter of Russell Lane has not been cut for months. It is now looking unsightly. The road is starting to look as though it...

Russell Lane, Russell Square

Litter 1

15:22 Jun 10, 2013

Discarded childs buggy abandoned on Russell Lane.

Russell Lane, Russell Square

Nettles and illegal dumping 4

14:18 Jun 10, 2013

Nettles need to be cut here, because they are attracting illegal dumpers.

Carriglea, Firhouse

pathway bushes overgrown 1

13:51 Jun 10, 2013

Re. Churchfield Lawns, Skerries, co Dublin There are a number of bushes so overgrown they are now in danger of taking someones eye out who use the...


Graffiti 1

13:48 Jun 10, 2013

Graffiti on concrete block wall at entrance to Springfield road

Springfield Road, Templeogue, Dublin 6w


Rubbish Dumped 1

12:04 Jun 10, 2013

Rubbish bags Dumped at this location since thursday, please send someone to clean as soon as possible