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Western Way D7, Photo 2 1

13:09 Feb 19, 2013

road littered its full length, on both sides, thes pics pics only show a bit of it.


Western Way D7, Pic 1 1

13:08 Feb 19, 2013

road littered its full length, on both sides. THese pics only show a bit of it


Poor road condition 2

13:07 Feb 19, 2013

L7950 , inch cross , stradbally. Road condition has deteriorated over the last couple of years especially near junction. Remedially work has been done...

L7950 , inch cross , stradbally

Fonteno╠ły st d7 1

13:05 Feb 19, 2013

untagged bags, there since last week

Fonteno╠ły st d7.jpg

Potholes 2

13:04 Feb 19, 2013

Potholes on cahir / cushlough road at kilkeeran ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


Illegal parking on foot path 2

12:45 Feb 19, 2013

Cars parking on the footpath blocking it forcing pedestrians out into the road from Kilcock court house to the pelican crossing and further up the road.

Bridge Street

Rubbish and dumping on Blessington Road 2

12:35 Feb 19, 2013

Hello, there is rubbish and dumping on the Blessington Road between the Jobstown House pub and the citywest road. It is a combination of leaves, rubbish...

Blessington Road (between Jobstown and Sagart)

Street Light - Rathfarnham 1

12:16 Feb 19, 2013

The Street light between number 18 and 19 Aranleigh Mount Rathfarnham Dublin 14 has been broken for over a week .



Dumping - Ballycragh 2

12:05 Feb 19, 2013

Hi Over the weekend 4 black bags of rubbish were throwing into Ballycragh Park at the top of Parklands view .Only a matter of time before their ripped...


Road Shore cover Clondalkin 1

11:55 Feb 19, 2013

Just sending this e-mail to ask can something be done about a man hole shore on the 9th lock road beside the social welfare office in Clondalkin. The...


Road Surface Needs Urgent Repairs 2

11:10 Feb 19, 2013

Potholes and Road Surface starting from Carbury Junction down the Knockirr Road and just at left turn up to Haggard - the road surface is no longer fit...

Haggard, Carbury, Co Kildare

Black sacks of rubbish Heather View Road Aylesbury 1

10:19 Feb 19, 2013

Please can you organise for 2 Large sacks of rubbish dumped on the Heather View Road to be collected

Heather View Road Aylesbury Tallaght

North Frederick St 2 1

10:15 Feb 19, 2013

North Frederick St 2 - 2013/02/19


North Frederick St 3 1

10:15 Feb 19, 2013

North Frederick St 3 - 2013/02/19


North Frederick St 1

10:14 Feb 19, 2013

North Frederick St - 2013/02/19


Junction Fortfield Road/Wainsfort Road 1

10:14 Feb 19, 2013

The surface of this junction is broken and uneven with potholes and bumps. I have already damaged my bike cycling over it.

wainsfort Road/Fortfield Road, Dublin.

North Frederick St 1

10:14 Feb 19, 2013

North Frederick St - 2013/02/19


Hardwicke st 1

10:09 Feb 19, 2013

same mattress as yesterday but a load more overnight dumping

Hardwicke st.jpg

Cycle path in dangerous condition 1

10:09 Feb 19, 2013

The cycle path on Ballyroan Road from Ballyboden Road to Ballyroan Crescent is in a broken and dangerous condition. Especially but not exclusively outside...

Ballyroan, Dublin

Potholes 2

09:56 Feb 19, 2013

Numerous very large potholes between Ballymartle Cross and Riverstick village

Ballymartle Cross to Riverstick Village