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Tree (dangerous) at Foxborough 1

15:32 Aug 14, 2013

Reported thorns & stingers on pathway and to date nothing has been done, I child will be hurt given a school is being built directly across the road!!

Tree (dangerous) at Foxborough

Littering at Grattan Street 1

15:31 Aug 14, 2013

Litter on Grand Canal st

Littering at Grattan Street

Road or pavement defect at Dartmouth Walk 1

15:31 Aug 14, 2013

Iifted kerbstone Ranelagh bridge southeastern corner

Road or pavement defect at Dartmouth Walk

Traffic Lights at Pfizer Newbridge 1

13:41 Aug 14, 2013

At the weekend 10-11th August 2013 the gates into Pfizer were closed this affected the traffic light sensor under the road. The lights leaving the plant...

Pfizer, Newbridge, Co.Kildare


Defective footpath 1

13:25 Aug 14, 2013

footpath is in a very poor state of repair - its uneven and surface is broken up and dangerous for pedestrians

outside 2 saint Annes Drive, Raheny, Dublin 5

Illegal Advertising Signage, Perrystown, Dublin 12 2

12:49 Aug 14, 2013

I reported this on July 29th (Report Ref: 12784). The Litter Warden has carried out an inspection of the area and the reported signage was not visible...

whitehall road west dublin

Ashfield Grove in Huntstown 1

11:29 Aug 14, 2013

I live on Ashfield Grove in Huntstown, Dublin 15. There are several broken or partially broken covers on the small manhole covers (that contain the water...

Ashfield Grove Huntstown

Street Light - 90 elmbrook crescent lucan 1

11:23 Aug 14, 2013

my address is 90 elmbrook crescent lucan Co.dublin.The light in front of our house is broken.can you come and fix it please.As soon as you can please.Thank...

90 elmbrook crescent lucan


Open sewer behind the Dropping Well 3

11:05 Aug 14, 2013

There is a 2'x2' sewer lid behind the Dropping Well, almost on the bank of the Dodder. The lid is open and loo roll, used, is visible, as are what appear...


litter posters 1

11:02 Aug 14, 2013

Junction of Clonshaugh Road/Avenue littered with posters attached railings. It spoils all the good work done-new trees paths etc.

clonshaugh road

Overhanging Tree Branches 3

10:47 Aug 14, 2013

On Mayberry Road, the first tree on the left coming from the Belgard Road has a low-hanging branch which in windy conditions is in danger of hitting passing...

Mayberry Road, Kilnamanagh, Tallaght

Overhanging Tree Branches 3

10:43 Aug 14, 2013

There are tree branches overhanging the pavement on the Fonthill Road, northbound side, after coming over the railway. They are forcing pedestrians onto...

Fonthill Road, Clondalkin

Overhanging Tree Branches 1

10:41 Aug 14, 2013

There are tree branches overhanging the pavement on the Fonthill Road, northbound side, shortly before the entrance to the canal path. They are forcing...

Fonthill Road, Clondalkin

Abandoned bed on street 0

08:35 Aug 14, 2013

Outside 1 Thomas Davis Street West, Inchicore the base of a single bed has been dumped on the street It was left there about a month ago after the house...


rubbish dumped 3

07:55 Aug 14, 2013

black bag dumped at Ballyowen Avenue, at cut out to main road

Ballyowen Avenue

Streetlamp 1

00:30 Aug 14, 2013

The one and only street lamp at the end of the crescent is not working. Place in complete darkness. ---- This report was originally submitted at



Street light not working 1

22:00 Aug 13, 2013

Street light near 145 laraghcon in Lucan has not been working for a few weeks ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...



rubbish 1

21:35 Aug 13, 2013

there is rubbish on the grass area where pedestrians cross from ballyboden road to hillside