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Street light not working 1

17:13 Dec 17, 2018

Street light at 22 offington Park Sutton not working. This light was recently not working, was fixed, and is now not working again !!!! -- posted via...

Near Offington park sutton


Street light not working 2

17:10 Dec 17, 2018

Pole number is 20 ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Near 52.314627606398,-7.8763931065713


Wet leaves blocking drains 1

16:55 Dec 17, 2018

Please would it be possible to remove the wet leaves on Glenavy Park. They are blocking drains and it is very dangerous for elderly people as they are...

Near 53.310718,-6.296107

Waste / Illegal Dumping 0

16:50 Dec 17, 2018

Gates by the end of ard sionnach in Shanakiel used nappies dumped.. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping -- posted via the

Near N/A

Small tree about to fall on path 1

16:35 Dec 17, 2018

Small tree leaning out from fence about to fall on path and kids use this path to get to lollipop lady ---- This report was originally submitted at...

Near 53.449916599667,-6.2438390589433

Street lighting not working 0

16:21 Dec 17, 2018

31 steeplechase Wood Ratoath Light at end of our driveway not working -- posted via mobile web

Near Meath


Yellow lines 0

16:10 Dec 17, 2018

Access to Oakcourt dangerous because of parking at Community school during school finishing times. Entering from Granite end to Oakcourt particularly...

Near Oakcourt, Palmerstown

Cycle lane protection 1

15:40 Dec 17, 2018

Are plans to protect the cycle lane here or realign the road (could shorten the right turn lane going to ranelagh), cars are always squeezing into & blocking...

Near 53.321724499093,-6.2663702694991

Pothole 1

15:40 Dec 17, 2018

Large pothole has formed outside the entrance to the ben dunne gym. Cyclists have to swerve into middle of lane to avoid, very dangerous in dark/wet conditions...

Near 53.31279785362,-6.304044009289

Leaves in Cycle track 1

15:40 Dec 17, 2018

Can the leaves in the cycle track behind the bus stop at Donnybrook bus garage please be removed? ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 53.318414,-6.231348

Deep pothole 1

15:28 Dec 17, 2018

A pothole has formed where previous works occurred just outside the entrance to the ben dunne gym. Its deep and cyclists are swerving out into the middle...

Near kimmage rd west at ben dunne gym entrance

Broken street light 0

15:25 Dec 17, 2018

The street light number 14 in Stephen's Court Townhouses, Stephen's Court, New Ross is not working. It's very dark without it and could be a hazard....

Near 52.389464685313,-6.9326829913054


incomplete road/path repair 1

15:22 Dec 17, 2018

The temporary tarmacadam on path has not been replaced with concrete. Road repair is incomplete. -- posted via

Near Traffic light at Phibsborough, near Back Page

road repair collapsing 1

15:20 Dec 17, 2018

South-bound Phibsborough road just at the turn for Connaught Street. -- posted via

Near Phibsborough Road at junction with Connaught Street

Abbey court 1

15:20 Dec 17, 2018

Light out at abbey court no number on pole , just says abbey court light out since sat evening ---- This report was originally submitted at

Near 52.911037497003,-6.8374274173822


Major Hole and Leak 1

15:15 Dec 17, 2018

Massive pothole on L70055 which is a road off the Allenwood to Kilmeague Road Water Mains has burst and has caused a pothole which will damage cars or...

Near L70055

Road markings 1

15:15 Dec 17, 2018

Any chance the road markings could be repainted by the roundabout? This might encourage more to go the proper way around and also not to just assume they...

Near 53.403669,-6.394841

Hedge Triming 1

15:11 Dec 17, 2018

Hedge encroaching on road -- posted via

Near Whitechurch Abbey

Zebra crossing 1

15:10 Dec 17, 2018

Flashing yellow light not working -- posted via

Near Strand Street Great


Street Lighting 0

15:08 Dec 17, 2018

New light needed for Street lighting -- posted via

Near Whitechurch Abbey