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footpath in bad way 3

21:52 Aug 15, 2012

footpath cracked and very uneven,holds puddles of water and muck hard to push buggy through,thanks it is at the opening towards fonthill road from corner...

foxdene lucan south co dublin

street drain blocked 3

21:45 Aug 15, 2012

street drain in front of 26 foxdene park,balgaddy blocked and water covers half the foothpath and road,

foxdene lucan-south co dublin

Street Lighting 1

20:07 Aug 15, 2012

Can you please fix the light on Homelawn Road? Outside number 45 (Pole no. 7)

45 Homelawn Road


Junction of Ballycullen Road and Ballycullen Drive 1

17:49 Aug 15, 2012

The recently installed ramp here is hard to navigate for vehicles, car tyres cannot traverse the ramp at the right angle, each wheel moves separately...

Ballycullen Dr, Dublin, Co. Dublin

Pothole 2

16:34 Aug 15, 2012

On Church Lane off Rathfarnham Village. Just before the bend which leads down the hill to Woodview Cottages.

On Church Lane off Rathfarnham Village justbefore turn that leads down hill to woodview cottages

Rubbish Left In Park 3

14:57 Aug 15, 2012

I went to teh effort of clearing rubbish out form the Dodder and left it in the park beside Pearse Bridge Rathfarnham. SDCC were alerted to the fact that...


Street Lights Pearse Bridge 1

14:53 Aug 15, 2012

One of them not working for ages. Very dark at night for pedestrians.



Dumped Chair in Fforster Close 2

14:48 Aug 15, 2012

Somebody has dumped an armchair at the entrance to Fforster Close, please can you arrange for it to be removed. Thank you

lucan, dulin

Dog excrement on street every day 0

14:24 Aug 15, 2012

Dog excrement on street every day


New Grafitti on Iveagh Markets building Francis Street 0

14:20 Aug 15, 2012

There is new grafitti on stonework, dumping and broken windows & rooflights at the Iveagh Markets building on Francis street. This building is falling...

Francis Street


Bin bags with no tags on Thomas Street 1

14:15 Aug 15, 2012

Numerous bin bags with no tags are being left out on the street beside City Council Litter bins by residents and business along Thomas Street. When they...

Thomas Street

Road surface on Botanic Road 1

14:12 Aug 15, 2012

Pothole in cycle lane on east side of road opposite Post Office as danger to cyclists. Thanks

botanic Road

Litter at Fortunestown Road, Tallaght 2

13:54 Aug 15, 2012

2 small bags of litter have been dumped outside the front of Mary Mercer Health Centre, Fortunestown Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24, they were noticed this...

Fortunestown Road, Tallaght

Dodder Valley Park Estate, Firhouse Road 2

13:51 Aug 15, 2012

Can our grass be cut inside and outside our Estate, the children are no longer able to play on the Green Areas. We have made several requests and the...

Dodder Valley Park Estate, Firhouse


12:20 Aug 15, 2012



Street Drain in the front of my gate is blocked 2

12:07 Aug 15, 2012

The drain in front of my gate that supposes to evacuate the water from the road is blocked with leaves and the water level on the street is increasing...

2 Weston crescent, Lucan

Dunping on Old Celbridge Road Lucan 5

08:54 Aug 15, 2012

Four bags at intervals dumped on LHS between Lucan Golf club and Lucan village ... Possibly there since 11./12 of August.

Footpath between Lucan golf Club and Lucan village

Road Maintenance - Tallaght 2

08:16 Aug 15, 2012

Please find attached photo of damage caused by Thorntons recycling collection lorry on Thursday 9/8/12 to road at Brookmount Lawn, Old Bleesington Road,...

Brookmount Lawn, Tallaght

Rubbish dumped 2

22:18 Aug 14, 2012

There is a large amount of household rubbish dumped in the Monastery Shopping Centre car park which is very visable from the Monastery Road. Included...

Monastery Shopping Centre, Monastery Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

To get double yellow lines extended 2

21:22 Aug 14, 2012

I was wondering if you could arrange to have the double yellow lines extended by a further metre on Donaghmede Road, Dublin 13 (Car-Park side) as I live...

Donaghmede Road, Dublin 13