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16:40 Aug 05, 2011



Potholes 1

16:23 Aug 05, 2011

A few potholes on left driving lane on way to the M50/N4 interchange

palmerstown dublin

Rubbish dumped in the river dodder at Firhouse waterfall 4

16:14 Aug 05, 2011

Hi, I would like to report that there is alot of rubbish dumped in the river dodder at Firhouse waterfall. I usually walk my dog from the enterance...

Dodder - Firhouse waterfall ** SEE DESCRIPTION FOR EXACT DIRECTIONS **

illegal dumping and overhanging tree 3

15:09 Aug 05, 2011

I am writing to complain about illegal dumping on the green beside 2 Oatfield drive Clondalkin it is starting grow bigger daily.Also i would like the...

2 oatfield drive clondalkin Dublin22

Overgrown hedge/trees 2

14:46 Aug 05, 2011

The hedge running along Ballsbrdge Avenue and The Sweepstakes is very overgrown. Obscuring signage and making parking difficult.

ballsbridge avenue

Graffiti 3

14:18 Aug 05, 2011

There is graffiti on a wall of a house on Tymon North Road on the cornor of tymon north grove. As you head up the hill at Scoil Iosa there is a cornor...

Tymon North Road, tallaght


Uneven path 3

12:54 Aug 05, 2011

Following work on water mains on our road two years ago, part of the path outside our house was dug up and filled in with Tarmac. We have been visited...

Outside 49 Fortfield Drive, Terenure, Dublin 6w

danngerous path - people tripping 13

12:28 Aug 05, 2011

Outside Clarendon st, D2 people tripping and falling on the section of the path (with your back to Stephens green shopping centre its the section on your...

clarendon street, dublin

Street light never goes off in Gandon Mews Lucan 1

12:18 Aug 05, 2011

The street light outside Gandon Mews in Lucan village never goes off. It remains on during the day all day and in the summer. This has been the case...

gandon mews


Waste Ground Inchicore 1

12:13 Aug 05, 2011

Hi There, Hope your well, I am contacting you in relation to the piece of waste ground at side of 48 Jamestown Road,Inchicore Dublin 8. Reference your...

inchicore dublin - at end of 48 Jamestown Road

Litter and Trees Issue 3

11:38 Aug 05, 2011

Is it possible to get someone out to look at our situation,it is a common place for litter and other rubbish.Also come winter time we are plagued from...

glenview lawn, tallaght

Illegal Dumping on Corbally Park 3

11:25 Aug 05, 2011

A white transit van with 3 oppupants dumped about 10-15 large black bags on Corbally Park at 2:20-2:30am on 5/8/11 There are a number of CCTV cameras...

Corbally Park, Westbrook Glen, Citywest

Glass on Cycle lane 2

11:24 Aug 05, 2011

There is broken glass on the Cycle lane just after Green Acre Court on the Firhouse Road headinfg for Tallaght, for the last three weeks. It is toughened...

Firhouse Road after Green Acre Court towards Speaker Connolly Pub

Satellite dishes 1

11:21 Aug 05, 2011

One house on Warren street and a number of houses on martin street have illegally attached satellite dishes to the front facade of their red brick teracced...

Portobello dublin


Footpath Repair / Walkinstown Parade 1

11:10 Aug 05, 2011

There is a large green at Walkinstown Parade and a large section of the concrete surrounding it is broken away. I reported this before and since then...

walkinstown parade - see description

Defective Footpath 2

11:02 Aug 05, 2011

I wanted to report a defective footpath. 2 very large lumps of concrete have come away from the path kerb leaving it very dangerous. The path is outside...

Elton Park, See Description.

Street lights not working 1

10:52 Aug 05, 2011

Most of the street lights on Upper Ballymount road has been out of service for the past three weeks or more.

Upper ballymount road between TV3 and Tilestyle


Confusing traffic lights 1

10:32 Aug 05, 2011

New pedestrian traffic lights have been installed recently on Leeson St Bridge for cyclists and pedestrians along the canal route. However the lights...

Leeson St

Missing Road Markings Portoberllo Bridge at Grove Road and Canal Road junction 1

10:02 Aug 05, 2011

This very busy intersection with cars bikes and pedestrians has no traffic stop line markings at the junction, no road center markings at the junction,...

Juntion of Canal Road and Grove Road at Portobello Bridge

Illegal dumping 3

09:54 Aug 05, 2011

Someone has dumped three wheelie bins and 2 rubbish bags at the side of my house which I need removed before someone sets them on fire. Also the council...