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Mattresses and accumulated rubbish 2

17:19 Oct 17, 2012

At Market Place off South Earl Street, this spot is used regularly to dump bags of rubbish, bottles and mattresses. It is also used as a toilet! It is...

Between Pimlico and Meath Street

duvet dumped 1

17:18 Oct 17, 2012

illegal dumping

dodsborough rd as on map

black sack dumped 1

17:12 Oct 17, 2012

rubbish dumped

ballybane as on map

Tree & Shrubbery Maintenance 1

15:00 Oct 17, 2012

I am a resident of Auburn Grove, Malahide. The shrubbery on the east side of the open green space has never been maintained and has now overgrown to a...


litter 3

14:14 Oct 17, 2012

Killinarden heights - 2 skips bags full of househould rubbish on the public foot path for over 6 months

killinarden heights tallaght

danger to public 2

14:01 Oct 17, 2012

bomfire materal behind bush faceing houses no64 to 70 on killinarden heights

killinarden heights tallaght

Bad holes outside 115and105 ballygall parade finglas east 3

13:58 Oct 17, 2012

Bad holes. are dangres to padestrians ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Nearest road: 116 Glasanaon Road, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Flooding 1

13:54 Oct 17, 2012

This flood had occured as a result of both the builder of fern's bribge and kildare County Council resurfacing the road and rising the road above the...

Old Grange, Kildare

Limerick Co Council HQ steps 4

13:00 Oct 17, 2012

Slippery surface on steps leading to car park - Limerick Co Council HQ steps, limerick ireland

limerick ireland

Road resurfacing leading to drainage problem 2

12:40 Oct 17, 2012

Recent road resurfacing outside our home at The Hill, Malahide has brought the level of the tarmac above the pathway at the car entrance area . After...

Church Rd., The Hill, Malahide, Co Dublin

Dead tree on pavement 1

12:27 Oct 17, 2012

Tree outside 51 Shanglas Road is dead (Mountain Ash). This is the second tree in succession that has been damaged by the grass cutting machine and previously...

51 Shanglas Road, Beaumont, Dublin 9

Test Report Submitted by WCC - Please pass through 1

12:15 Oct 17, 2012

Test Report Submitted by WCC - Please pass through

waterford city

Lack of any cleaning/maintenance on Blessington Rd and Sagart area 6

12:01 Oct 17, 2012

There is dumped rubbish along with debris and leaves on the Blessington Road between Jobstown House and Citywest Road. Also no preventaive maintenace...

Blessington Road, Dublin

Burst Tires 1

11:47 Oct 17, 2012

Rocks on side of road in boleybeg rahoon caused me to burst 2 tyres on my car - Boleybeg, Rahoon,Co Galway

Boleybeg, Rahoon,Co Galway

Lack of Road Markings in the Fingal Co. Co. region 2

11:36 Oct 17, 2012

Can somebody from Fingal Co. Co. please explain why they think it is okay to mark a raod once and then never mark it again? The lack of road markings...


pot holes 1

11:26 Oct 17, 2012

there is 3 pot holes out side are gate and they are getting bigger by the day so please fix them - newtown donore

newtown donore

Rubbish at River road (at Dublin Bus setdown area) 1

11:22 Oct 17, 2012

A lot of rubbish at River road (at Dublin Bus setdown area) near Rathborne.


Pedestrian & Cycle access through N3 Ashtown roundabout 1

11:18 Oct 17, 2012

Poor access for Pedestrian & Cyclist to cross N3 Ashtown roundabout for access to Phoenix Park.

N3 Ashtown roundabout

Flooding drains blocked N81 2

11:03 Oct 17, 2012

Drains unable to take heavy rain/flooding last night on Blessington Road near De Selby/Topaz Garage. Ponds forming causing tidal waves as traffic travelling...

Blessington Road N81

Missing Stopcock Cover 2

10:49 Oct 17, 2012

The stopcock cover outside my home is missing, someone has placed a temporary wooden cover over the hole but the local kids have removed the wooden cover....

31 Luttrellstown grove