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Dog Eggs 1

21:18 Oct 16, 2012

My neighbours using this dark side street for their dogs. Could do with a sign warning possible fines for dogs. Also being used as a unlit street corner...


Pothole 2

21:03 Oct 16, 2012

Pothole 1 ft diameter circa 9inch deep just inside bus lane line on north carriageway half way between M Gates traffic lights and herbert ave ---- This...


Bump on road 2

20:53 Oct 16, 2012

Hi there there's been a massive bump across the entire width of Tymonville Grove. Just at the start of the last block of Terrace houses at the end of...

Nearest road: 22 Tymonville Grove, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Belbulbin road drimnagh 1

20:35 Oct 16, 2012

Unswept foot paths and bags of rubbish and paint all on road - Belbulbin road drimnagh

Belbulbin road drimnagh

Paint and rubbish 0

19:58 Oct 16, 2012

Their is paint and rubbish all along belbulbin road in drimnagh and the footpaths have not been swept at all this year or a disgrace - Belbulbin road...

Belbulbin road drimnagh

Eircom cover 1

19:49 Oct 16, 2012

Outside 10 dalton mews malahide an eircom cover is loose and as cars drive over it it is likely to collapse

Dalton mews malahide

street light out - Finnstown cloisters 1

19:40 Oct 16, 2012

Street light out of order in finnswood. Outside house number 26

finnswood, finnstown cloisters, Lucan, co dublin


Huge pot-holes in neilstown shopping centre car park 2

19:38 Oct 16, 2012

Please can the pot-holes in the car park of Neilstown Shopping Centre be repaired, they are huge and are getting worse, we drive through a lot and the...

Nearest road: Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Kilhedge Lane Illegal Dumping 0

19:28 Oct 16, 2012

Illegal dumping of what looks like wooden products - mdf etc on Kilhedge Lane, Lusk close to Chapel Farm/Dun Emer crossroad.

Kilhedge Lane

Graffiti 2

19:26 Oct 16, 2012

Graffiti all over wall at the back of shops beside Kinsealy Inn, broken bottles and litter everywhere


faulty street lights 1

19:17 Oct 16, 2012

2 street lights not working on beau park avenue in clongriffin.dublin 13

clongriffin , dublin 13


Car abandoned 2

19:17 Oct 16, 2012

Old Toyota parked on Earlsfort View for over 2 months now. No tax, no NCT, no number plates. It is an eyesore

earlsfort view

Very Poor Lighting 0

19:08 Oct 16, 2012

The street lighting at Pearse street/Westmoreland street/College Green junction is shocking. More lighting needed. Can be dangerous at night

Pearse street, College Green, Westmoreland street, D'oliver street Junction


burnt refuse 1

18:58 Oct 16, 2012

Burnt plastic wood metal and a lot of broken glass on green and path through green - pimlico green

pimlico green

Parking on the corner 1

17:48 Oct 16, 2012

Cars park on the corner/ bend and force drivers to the other side of the road, and leaving drivers with a blind spot. This causes problems with oncoming...

Nearest road: Lansborough Road, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Litter blackspot 0

17:48 Oct 16, 2012

There is a gap here between the hedge and the fence which fills up with a huge mass of litter. Maybe if something was planted in the gap or if a close...

Nearest road: Warren Avenue, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Blocked drainage 4

17:45 Oct 16, 2012

Street drains all completely blocked (long-term) with leaves and general debris.Between 36 & 42 Fernwalk, Greenfields, cork

Between 36 & 42 Fernwalk, Greenfields

Dog Waste on Paths 1

17:43 Oct 16, 2012

Dog waste is repeatedly and frequently left on the paths of Ringsend. This has gotten to a level where you have to sometimes walk on the road to get by...


Poor drainage 2

17:32 Oct 16, 2012

The area of the Navan road directly in front of Phoenix Park Racecourse has very poor drainage. Whenever there is heavy rain and a truck or bus drives...

Navan Road drainage

Road markings ,ballinteer roundabouts . 2

17:13 Oct 16, 2012

road markings are incorrect coming from dundrum at the wyckham way/wyckham point/ballinteer road roundabout,they have left lane for left and right lane...