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dangerous pothole 1

12:27 Oct 14, 2012

footpath at entrance to lohunda car wash needs repair work badly.

shelerin road d.15

dumping 2

22:56 Oct 13, 2012

Illegal dumping in laneway beside my home. Beechfield Road Walkinstown

beechfield rd walkinstown

Overgrown bushes - Riverwood Lawn 2

21:23 Oct 13, 2012

The Riverwood Lawn road sign that is on the open space area is surrounded by overgrown bushes. Some of the bushes go onto the road. The sign is close...

Riverwood Lawn, Carpenterstown

Extensive litter - Riverwood Way 1

21:17 Oct 13, 2012

The entrance to the open space area at Riverwood Way is a known drinking spot. There is a lot of resulting litter - mostly beer cans and wine bottles....

Riverwood Way, Carpenterstown

Overgrown bushes - Riverwood Glebe 2

21:05 Oct 13, 2012

At the entrance of Riverwood Glebe there are a number of overgrown bushes that encroach onto the path. These bushes may belong to 28 Riverwood Heath...

Riverwood Glebe, Carpenterstown

Bins full on saturday morning 1

18:03 Oct 13, 2012

3 street bins full up and its only Saturday morning looked as though one wasnt even emptied on the scheduled day Thursday 1 Bin outside Dolan's 2 Bin...


Overflowing bins on corner Whitehall Rd 0

17:22 Oct 13, 2012

There have been 2 overflowing black bins on the corner of Whitehall rd and Kimmage Manor Way for 3 weeks and they have just been joined by 2 more seriously...

Whitehall Rd, Perrystown Dublin 12

Illegal dumping 1

15:15 Oct 13, 2012

Refuse sacks dumped on green land beside Nutgrove shopping centre.

Nutgrove shopping centre, Nutgrove avenue, Churchtown, Dublin 14, Dublin

Illegal dumping 2

15:10 Oct 13, 2012

Refuse sacks dumped on green land beside Nutgrove shopping centre.

Nutgrove shopping centre, Churchtown, Dublin 14

Damaged Foothpath 1

11:59 Oct 13, 2012

I wish to report damaged footpaths on Elmsactle Close in Kilnamanagh Dublin 24 outside numbers 19 and 23/25 .

19,23,25 Elmcastle Close Kilnamanagh Dublin 24

Pavement subsidence 1

22:48 Oct 12, 2012

Recently the pathways both outside the house and on the pavement are subsiding along the route of the drainage pipes. ---- This report was originally...

Nearest road: 5 Colthurst Road, Lucan, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Road 2

22:38 Oct 12, 2012

The road from the main road to Tummansrath is a disgrace with major potholes. We visited recently and it was a nightmare on the motorbike, we nearly spilled...

Nearest road: Clooniff, Galway, County Galway, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Overgrowth with brambles 3

22:28 Oct 12, 2012

At the junction of Colthurst Crescent and Castle Road the plants at the corner are very overgrown with brambles encroaching into the footpath. ---- This...

Nearest road: 2 Colthurst Crescent, Lucan, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

6 Colthurst Crescent 1

22:23 Oct 12, 2012

Outside this house there is regular flooding that stretches across the road. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find...

Nearest road: 8 Colthurst Crescent, Lucan, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Broken streetlight St Brendan's Crescent 1

21:14 Oct 12, 2012

Broken streetlight St Brendan's Crescent, Greenhills, D12, outside no. 105

St Brendan's Crescent, Greenhills.


dumped skip bag 2

20:00 Oct 12, 2012

A large skip bag was dumped on earlsfort avenue for over 2weeks now approximatly across the road from no. 19. It may comtain materials that could be hsrmful...

earlsfort avenue

Graffiti attack 1

19:01 Oct 12, 2012

Front wall of Cluain Ri Estate, Ballyowen Lane, Lucan. - black paint Graffiti sprayed on butterely brick front walls to estate. Could removal of same...

Cluain Ri


Bonfire wood and tires 2

17:28 Oct 12, 2012

At the top of st marks gardens the children from all around are storing wood and tyres .The place was set alight the other nite brigade were called...

st marks gardens

Drive into Portumna Forest Park completely degraded. 2

16:33 Oct 12, 2012

The drive into the forest park from the road all the way to the parking area (approx .5 mile) has almost become impassable with potholes all across the...

Nearest road: County Galway, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Dumping in laneway at teh back 2

15:41 Oct 12, 2012

Dumping in laneway at the back of 136 Woodview Heights Lucan

136 Woodview Heights