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Street Lighting 2

14:28 Oct 09, 2012

Area is very dark at night and current street lighting is obscured by trees and branches. Very difficult to see pedestrians crossing the road and cars...

Boden Park, Scholarstown Road


Litter on The Manor 2

10:55 Oct 09, 2012

Litter is cat on Manor Street


Street Lighting not working 1

09:52 Oct 09, 2012

Public Street Light not working at entrance to Aran Court Development, Waterville, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15 at the end of Cul De Sac by Wooded area which...

waterville blanchardstown


graffiti on signs 1

08:56 Oct 09, 2012

Graffiti on bus lane signs as you leave roundabout out ring road at citywest, location on map

out ring road, location on map


black refuse sack dumped 1

08:47 Oct 09, 2012

illegal dumping ballybane-black refuse sacks

ballybane. location on map

tree maintanence 2

23:14 Oct 08, 2012

trees need to be pruned in michael collins park. seriously over grown trees blocking light ,from gardens and houses.

michael collins park

Street light out of service 1

21:41 Oct 08, 2012

A street light is out of service and needs to be fixed. It has been out of service for a week. Glenview Park, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Glenview Park, Tallaght, Dublin 24


Public Lighting 1

21:26 Oct 08, 2012

Public Light No.1 on Templeville Avenue is out of order

Templeville Avenue


Street lights not working 2

20:30 Oct 08, 2012

Not working for the last few months Priory lodge celbridge

Priory lodge celbridge


street light not working 1

20:08 Oct 08, 2012

street light the corner of killakee green and killakee court, Firhouse Dublin 24

killakee court firhouse dublin 24


Stolen car abandoned 2

19:29 Oct 08, 2012

A car has been left abandoned for over a month now, and it shows signs of having been stolen. The passenger side of the car has scrapes right across the...

20/22 Hazelwood Lane, Green Isle, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

leaking on road 1

18:27 Oct 08, 2012

On the top of Loughshinny main street water has been leaking for about a month.(Rush)


Street Lighting 1

16:19 Oct 08, 2012

I live at 4 Inglewood Drive,Clonsilla,Dublin 15 and would like to report a faulty light outside my house.This is a quiet cul-de-sac and the lack of light...

Inglewood Drive, Clonsilla


Leaking Water Main/Shore 2

16:18 Oct 08, 2012

The shore labelled water has been leaking for a few weeks outside my house. The water is running quickly down the road and into the drainage shore. The...


Bonfires 2

16:06 Oct 08, 2012

Sir, i am a resident of kew park in lucan and for the past 40 years we have had to tolerate an illegal bonfire on the grounds between kew park and weston...

Kew Park, Lucan

Blocked Sewers 2

15:49 Oct 08, 2012

I hope someone can assist us. We are a family with two small children and are unable to live in our house due to the horrendous smell from blocked...

Cherbury Park, Lucan

Graffitti 0

15:35 Oct 08, 2012

I would like to report a particularly serious case of graffiti on exterior of Rear Garden walls of 46 and 47 Palmerstown Park facing Palmerstown cemetery....



Road Defects 0

15:29 Oct 08, 2012

1) The reinstated speed humps on the channel road rush are at uneven heights and length and are causing damage to vehicles travelling on the road. This...


Graffitti 0

15:11 Oct 08, 2012

I wish to report Graffiti on the right hand side wall at the entrance to Highfields.

Highfields, Swords


Street Lighting 1

15:05 Oct 08, 2012

I want to report two street lights not working at Numbers 6 and 9 Houses at Highfields Greens., Swords

Highfield Green, Swords