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Overgrown nettles need removing 3

15:04 Oct 08, 2012

We have asked before for this derelict strip between No. 1 Finnstown Fairways+Finnstown House Hotel to be maintained. It was, but grows back again in...

Nearest road: Newcastle Road, Lucan, MI, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Templeroan Green 2

14:39 Oct 08, 2012

Thank you for getting the pathway cleared and strimmed. My concern sent Aug 30th is for children playing ON the green, INSIDE the black iron fence....

Templeroan Green

10 Hermitage Drive 3

13:52 Oct 08, 2012

Trees outside 10 Hermitage Drive need pruning


Cycle Path - Fairview Park 1

13:50 Oct 08, 2012

There has been works (pipework?) recently on the cycle/pedestrian path in Fairview Park. A short section (1 foot width) across the full path is depressed...

fairview park, dublin

Broken light 2

13:31 Oct 08, 2012

Street light no.2 The Dale Wolstan Haven Celbridge not working

outside no 5 The Dale Wolstan Haven Celbridge


Sarsfield Park ; District Residents Association, Lucan Village, Dublin 2

13:21 Oct 08, 2012

Residents are reporting sightings of rats at the steps connecting the estate to the schools near St Mary's Church. We would appreciate it if you could...

Dublin, Lucan, Sarsfield Park

Traffic Lights Out 1

13:07 Oct 08, 2012

The traffic lights beside Tesco aren't working. 171 Parnell St, Dublin

171 Parnell St, Dublin, Co. Dublin

Overgrown bushes - Diswellstown Road bridge 1

12:49 Oct 08, 2012

The bushes along Diswellstown Road bridge (aka Dr Troy Bridge) are overgrown, They encroach on the pedestrian path, forcing pedestrians into the ajacent...

Diswellstown Road bridge, Carpenterstown/Clonsilla

Low branches over cycle track - outside Woodbrook 2

12:44 Oct 08, 2012

The trees adjacent to off road cycle track that is opposite the Woodbrook apartment complex have a number of low branches that hit you in the face when...

Cycle track opposite Woodbrook, Riverwood Copse

Broken path on open space area - Riverwood Glen 1

12:41 Oct 08, 2012

One of the paths that crosses the open space area at Riverwood Glen is severely broken. It has been like this for years. Both of my sons have fallen...

Riverwood Glen, Fingal

Overgrown bushes - Riverwood Road 0

12:37 Oct 08, 2012

The bushes on Riverwood Road, between Riverwood Park and Riverwood Drive, are overgrown again. They encroach onto the footpath and force pedestrians...

Riverwood Park, Riverwood Drive, Carpenterstown

Overgrown bushes - Riverwood Drive 1

12:34 Oct 08, 2012

The open space area bounded by Riverwood Drive and Riverwood Glen has a number of overgrown bushes. These bushes encroach onto the road, obscure a street...

Riverwood Drive and Riverwood Glen

Broken road surface - Bell Pub Blanchardstown 2

12:31 Oct 08, 2012

On the Navan Road as it enters Blanchardstown village the road surface is very broken up. It looks like it has been repaired multiple times but these...

Navan Road, Blanchardstown village

Graffiti Belgard Green Boundary wall 2

12:28 Oct 08, 2012

Please remove graffiti from Belgard Green Boundary wall in a number of places.

belgard Green


Graffiti on boundary wall of Belgard Green 2

12:27 Oct 08, 2012

Can the graffiti be removed from the boundary wall of Belgard Green, Tallaght

Belgard Green


Graffiti 2

12:24 Oct 08, 2012

Please can the graffiti be removed from the wall adjacent to 66 Ashgrove in Tallaght.

66 ashgrove tallaght


advertising posters 2

11:57 Oct 08, 2012

On the 23rd Sept. at 17.52 oc. I reported re 2 posters suituated on road sign poles at the traffic light junction old Lucan rd/outer ring rd. Lucan THESE...

traffic light junction old lucan Rd./Outer rind Rd. Lucan

Possible burst water pipe 1

11:54 Oct 08, 2012

As you round the corner near 101 Woodfield, there appears to be a constant flow of water from somewhere in the bushes that runs down the grass & onto...

Woodfield, Scholarstown Road

Grass and tree Maintenance 2

11:30 Oct 08, 2012

Please can grass and weeds be cut back beside Homeville Court a the end of the Ballycullen road. Also can overgrown ivy over wall be pulled back and...

ballycullen Road

illegal dumping 2

11:26 Oct 08, 2012

please remove bags and rubbish dumped over wall beside 6 Homeville Court, Knocklyon (at the end of Ballycullen Road. Rubbish is in overgrown long grass...

ballycullen road