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overhanging shrubbery 1

21:03 May 12, 2013

shrubbery overhanging public footpath at weston avenue / weston court junction. this shrubbery is at eye level and thus a public health & safety issue.

weston avenue, lucan

old celbrige road 2

20:58 May 12, 2013

several burnt out dens in wooded area along old celbridge. soil, tree branches and rubbish flowing out onto old celbridge road at three or four locations....

old celbridge road, lucan

dumping on tubber lane, lucan 8

20:47 May 12, 2013

load of car tyres on tubber lane, lucan

tubber lane, lucan

dumping on tubber lane, lucan 1

20:43 May 12, 2013

TV and other rubbish dumped on tubber lane

tubber lane, lucan

Goldsmith St, D7. Reported from to 2

17:01 May 12, 2013

See photo. bin bags. there for 5 days days submitter

Goldsmith St, D7.jpeg

Old Kilmainham Rd. Reported from to 1

16:12 May 12, 2013

See photo. Assortment of bags - some untagged, some rejected etc

Old Kilmainham Rd.jpg-large

Rafters lane, d12. Reported from to 1

15:56 May 12, 2013

See photo. That's the same chair & wheely bin as reported last week, by the same submitter. Could this clean-up request be addressed promptly please,...

Rafters lane, d12.jpg-large

Tyrconnell Road. Reported from to 1

15:50 May 12, 2013

See photo. Usual weekend scenes of dunmping beside every tree

Tyrconnell Road.jpg-large

Emmet Rd. Reported from to 2

15:49 May 12, 2013

See photo. OVerflowing wheely bin. probably abandoned

Emmet Rd.jpg-large

Lissadel Rd, Crumlin D12. Reported from to 1

15:27 May 12, 2013

See photo. Bulky waste - car tyre, bed & mattress, etc