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Path Kerb broken off 2

02:48 Oct 18, 2012

Hie the Kerb and path outside number 5 % 5 Belmnt Park appears to be broken. With harsh frost and winter approaching this is likely to get worse. Please...

Nearest road: 135 Morehampton Road, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Badly needed stop sign. 2

00:11 Oct 18, 2012

This new road has become a very serious rat run. People driving towards this road can't see what coming down it until last minute when nearly get hit...

Coultry crescent, Ballymun .

dumped furniture on M4 2

23:38 Oct 17, 2012

Hi, earlier i reported a dumped sofa at the side of the M4 after J7 Maynooth. Just to let you know that there is also what looks like some furniture...

before J7 when driving west, approx on map.

Leak close to water valve 2

22:39 Oct 17, 2012

There is a leak on the footpath which crosses Orwell Park Lawns leading to Orwell Shopping Centre. It's on the Orwell Park Glade side of footpath.

Leak on footpath which crosses Orwell Park Lawns

Dangerous pot holes 1

22:08 Oct 17, 2012

HI, at hands lane /main st junction, are very large potholes causing cars to drive to far to the right just before the junction which is very dangerous...

Nearest road: 3 Hands Lane, Rush, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)

Dangerous footpath 1

22:01 Oct 17, 2012

The footpath outside houses 1100 - 1103 coarsemoor, straffan are in a really bad state of repair and are a accident waiting to happen, these have already...

Coarsemoor, straffan co kildare

Traffic Lights at Estuary rd 1

21:55 Oct 17, 2012

At the junction of Estuary road and Old Yellow Walls road there are traffic lights. The traffic lights on Estuary Road that face in the direction of...

Estuary Road-Old Yellow Walls Road Junction

Litter 1

21:30 Oct 17, 2012

Litter on the Drynam Interchange road ways between Holywell Estate leading onto the M1 on both slip roads.

Holywell, Swords

Parking congestion 2

18:26 Oct 17, 2012

Sandymount Castle Park is located at the bottom of a cul de sac. Both roads leading down to it have metered parking along one side, and double yellow...

sandymount castle park

trees fruit 1

18:07 Oct 17, 2012

fruit all over path . very slippy

adare ave coolock d 17

4ft * 8ft Puddle on dirt track from GMIT to the main Student village 0

17:54 Oct 17, 2012

4ft * 8ft Puddle on dirt track from GMIT to the main Student village. Students walking on top of 3FT Stone wall to avoid this major hazard between GMIT...

Between Merlin Park Hospital and Galway Crystal junction

Trees with fallen fruit 2

17:41 Oct 17, 2012

We have trees with fruit like pears of some sort, this fruit is fallen this causes the following problems: it covers the paths and are squashed into the...

adare avenue coolock

dumping side of motorway 1

17:33 Oct 17, 2012

sofa dumped at side of motorway. heading westbound on n4, after junction 7 maynooth, sofa has been dumped at side of motorway

roughly at point on map after j7, westbound

Mattresses and accumulated rubbish 2

17:19 Oct 17, 2012

At Market Place off South Earl Street, this spot is used regularly to dump bags of rubbish, bottles and mattresses. It is also used as a toilet! It is...

Between Pimlico and Meath Street

duvet dumped 1

17:18 Oct 17, 2012

illegal dumping

dodsborough rd as on map

black sack dumped 1

17:12 Oct 17, 2012

rubbish dumped

ballybane as on map

Tree & Shrubbery Maintenance 1

15:00 Oct 17, 2012

I am a resident of Auburn Grove, Malahide. The shrubbery on the east side of the open green space has never been maintained and has now overgrown to a...


litter 3

14:14 Oct 17, 2012

Killinarden heights - 2 skips bags full of househould rubbish on the public foot path for over 6 months

killinarden heights tallaght

danger to public 2

14:01 Oct 17, 2012

bomfire materal behind bush faceing houses no64 to 70 on killinarden heights

killinarden heights tallaght

Bad holes outside 115and105 ballygall parade finglas east 3

13:58 Oct 17, 2012

Bad holes. are dangres to padestrians ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:

Nearest road: 116 Glasanaon Road, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)