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Graffiti 2

11:14 Nov 06, 2012

A number of walls have been covered in Graffiti ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...

Nearest road: 51 Mount Andrew Court, Lucan, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)


Pedestrian Lights 1

10:54 Nov 06, 2012

The pedestrian lights over the M50 bridge don't work either side There is no setting or it is knocked off leaving it dangerous to cross


Graffitti 2

10:43 Nov 06, 2012

I live in Woodfarm Acres in Palmerstown.The reason I am writing to you is that there are two entrance signs for Woodfarm one on the left coming in and...

Woodfarm Acres


Lights out at Kilcock Junction 1

10:40 Nov 06, 2012

Lights out at Kilcock Junction - old road to Enfield just at on/off ramps over the toll road. All lights out for the past few weeks.

Kilcock, County Kildare


Graffiti at Linnetfields, Phibblestown Road, Castaheany, Clonee 1

10:21 Nov 06, 2012

There are some patches of Graffiti on the Linnetfields access road, off Phibblestown Road D15, one on a red brick pillar of the railing and wall on the...

Corner of Linnetfields access road and Phibblestown Road, Castaheany


Dart car park 1

09:24 Nov 06, 2012

Hi, Wish to advise that there is no lighting in the car park and it is a danger for people walking in there in the evening as it is too dark and debris...

Nearest road: Collins Avenue East, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)


Drainage outside 56/58 Holmpatrick 1

23:47 Nov 05, 2012

shores installed in 2007 by a contractor were never connected to the storm sewer pipes. They are just holes in the road. In heavy rain the water flows...


Line painting on the roads around Skerries 2

23:41 Nov 05, 2012

There has been no reprinting of road markings leading to traffic accidents as stop lines are now worn away. An example is the junction of the harbour...


Illegal Carwash 3

22:22 Nov 05, 2012

There is an illegal carwash operating at the Ardkeen shopping centre on the Dunmore Road in Waterford. They have no trade effluent licence and are discharging...

Dunmore Rd, Waterford, Co. Waterford

Illegal Car wash 0

22:22 Nov 05, 2012

There is an illegal carwash operating on Collins Avenue.The wash is discharging toxic waste water directly to ground water and foul sewer this can be...

110 Collins Ave, Beaumont, Dublin

Illegal Car Wash 3

22:22 Nov 05, 2012

There is an illegal carwash operating on the roundabout at Bewleys airport Hotel.The wash has not trade effluent licence and is discharging toxic waste...

N32, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Illegal Car Wash 1

22:22 Nov 05, 2012

There is an illegal carwash operating behind the Topaz Petrol station in Kilcolgan Galway.The wash has no trade effluent licence and is discharging toxic...

N18, Co. Galway, Ireland

Long-standing road defects 4

21:46 Nov 05, 2012

In the northern cul-de-sac within Lucan Heights , adjoining The Cloisters, the road surface is severely cracked and subsiding. It is a hazard as persons...

Lucan Heights -6.43751, 53.35964

Faulty street light - Esker Lodge, Lucan, Co Dublin 2

21:02 Nov 05, 2012

End of cul de sac, left hand turn after main entrance into Esker Lodge Estate, Lucan, Co Dublin, street light not working & very dark in the cul de sac,...

esker lodge, lucan, co dublin


Street light not working 1

20:50 Nov 05, 2012

PL pole number 2 not lighting Anne Devlin Avenue

Anne Devlin Avenue, Ballyroan


Fallen leaves 1

20:17 Nov 05, 2012

would like to know when leaves will be cleared at side of 2 monksfield walk. Large collection of leaves on this road. In previous yrs i would pick them...


2 potholes 1

19:23 Nov 05, 2012

south of parnelltown lane Ballyboughal co Dublin


Graffiti 1

18:44 Nov 05, 2012

To whom it may concern, There is graffiti along the outside boundry wall of 17 Castle Cove Malahide which has become exposed again due the bad weather....

Nearest road: 8 Castle Cove, Malahide, County Dublin, Ireland (automatically generated by Bing Maps)


moy glas court 1

17:39 Nov 05, 2012

street light out on Moy Glas Court / Moy Glas Way.....