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Water Leak - Sandy Road Rush - Oopsite Credit Union 2

10:56 Mar 03, 2013

Water Leak - Sandy Road Rush - Oopsite Credit Union Pot hole now also - full of water and is now dangerous to pedestrians and cars alike.

Rush co. dublin

litter 1

09:22 Mar 03, 2013

Can something be done about the litter and broken Glass on the path and cycle lane leading from prospect manor to the scholarstown road? it has been getting...


Litter - Grangecastle road towards Newcastle 1

07:50 Mar 03, 2013

The amount of litter along the road is significant. It looks like it is domestic rubbish. Also work is behind done on the hedgerows and some of that has...

Road from Grangecastle to Newcastle

Litter in hedge 2

23:59 Mar 02, 2013

Disgraceful amount of litter in ditches on both sides of road right thru athgarvan and on into new bridge.. When will Kildare co co do something about...


Overgrown tree 1

20:39 Mar 02, 2013

Overgrown tree on clonshaugh heights that hangs over my garden on clonshaugh avenue. Sheds leaves that blocks the drains and shades garden in summer.

clonshaugh heights dublin 17

Overgrown Pathway 2

19:34 Mar 02, 2013

The grass along this path is overgrown and is covering the pathways. Very recently SOME of the path along Ballycullen Drive was tidied and the grass along...

Ballycullen Drive, Dublin, Co. Dublin

Litter AND rubbish dumping 1

18:11 Mar 02, 2013

Loads of rubbish left at rear of Oak Court Grove ,Near the Silver Granite End .Rats Seen on Walls and eating bread that was left out for birds,

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Long hole running along road 1

16:54 Mar 02, 2013

There is a hole that is about 1.5 foot deep outside our house. this is caused by the massive run off from a farm up the road and when there is any rain...


Hedge too far out on road 1

16:54 Mar 02, 2013

At this stretch, just as you take the cross heading for Rylane the road is very narrow and in order for cars to pass we need to pull right into ditch....


Large pot hole 2

16:44 Mar 02, 2013

There is a large pot hole on the road and is a considerable danger to road users. Especially cyclists This report was originally submitted at


Balcarrick road 1

16:39 Mar 02, 2013

There are many ramps from Donabate village to the waterside hotels. Many of these ramps top covering is badly damaged or worn away This report was originally...


Extreme Potholes!!! 1

16:11 Mar 02, 2013

The road is a disgrace with approximately 10 potholes at the beginning of the road and one MASSIVE pothole. The road has been like this for about a month...

Bawnard East

Damage to wall - bricks missing and getting worse 1

14:09 Mar 02, 2013

A row of bricks has been missing from this wall for a long time and it is being used as a transit route for some to access the fields. The bricks need...


Rubbish and remains of several illegal bonfires 1

14:09 Mar 02, 2013

There has been several fires in this spot along the path (part of the Wicklow Way) and as a result there is a pile of half burned rubbish strewn across...

Wicklow Way

Arbour Place, Stoneybatter 0

14:05 Mar 02, 2013

from submitter: "place is like a pig sty"


Errigal Road bins2, D12 1

13:58 Mar 02, 2013

bins overflowing & loose litter along this stretch of the road

Errigal Road bins2, D12.jpg-large

Errigal Road bins, D12 1

13:58 Mar 02, 2013

Litter and Illegal dumping

Errigal Road bins, D12.jpg-large

Donore Avenue, Dublin 8 1

13:52 Mar 02, 2013

from submitter: frequent dumping here

Donore Avenue, Dublin 8.jpg

Graffiti at back of Community Centre 1

13:49 Mar 02, 2013

Two different locations with graffiti. On back of Community Centre itself and on the back of the concrete built fuel tanks behind Community Centre. This...