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street lights 1

22:41 Apr 20, 2013

street light no 22 and 17 not working

earlsfort lucan


North king st 1

22:38 Apr 20, 2013

See photo. Via Bags & litter

./North king st.jpg

Myrtle St D7 1

22:33 Apr 20, 2013

See photo. Via not a greyhound bag, and collection was last monday

Myrtle St D7.jpg

Western Way D7 #3 1

22:28 Apr 20, 2013

See photo. Via Western Way D7 #3 - 2013/04/20


Western Way D7 #2 1

22:27 Apr 20, 2013

See photo. Via as well as the 2 bags in the foreground, there is more dumping further up (eg beside the tree)


Western Way D7 #1 1

22:26 Apr 20, 2013

See photo. Via binbag full of bottles


North circular road near phibsboro 1

20:51 Apr 20, 2013

See photo. Via THat's a lot of black bags - 10 or so

North circular road near phibsboro .jpg

Middle mount joy st 1

20:47 Apr 20, 2013

See photo. Via 5 or 6 black bags in the gutter. persistent dumping at this spot.

Middle mount joy st .jpg

Bannaville, mt pleasant ave D6 1

20:21 Apr 20, 2013

See photo. Via big pile of bags - pavement is blocked

Bannaville, mt pleasant ave D6.JPG

Manhole cover broken 4

19:44 Apr 20, 2013

As in the photos, the concrete around the sewer cover has been broken by the tractor mowers. The hole underneath is undermined and open on 3 sides. A...


Car Tyre damaged through your negligence 1

18:36 Apr 20, 2013

Travelling on Citywest road today, I damaged my tyre on deep potholes spanning across the whole road. These holes are the result of incomplete filling...

Citywest Road

Two road gullys blocked 1

16:18 Apr 20, 2013

Two road gullys are blocked. Location on narrow roadway is between golf driving range and caravan park. One is near gate of of driving range other is...

Knocknacarra, end of short road between Golf driving range and caravan park

Unauthorised Advertising 2

11:57 Apr 20, 2013

Estate Agent Signage. Located on the Green route between entrances of Templroan Lodge and Boden Heath (Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.) Appears to be unauthorised/illegal...


Road repair 0

10:41 Apr 20, 2013

The junction where the south circular road meets Brookfield road in dublin 8 needs urgent repair. The road surface is cracked, uneven and has numerous...

Brookfield road, Dublin 8

Potholes on. road 1

00:54 Apr 20, 2013

Concrete road is breaking up on Ballydowd grove at a number of points This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...


street light broken 1

00:22 Apr 20, 2013

the street lamp opposite 37 ravenswood crescent is not working. probably a bulb is gone. can you please fix it?

37 ravenswood crescent, dublin 15


Foxborough 5

23:06 Apr 19, 2013

1. Illegal dumping in foxborough lane- leather chair, 2 black sacks & various other rubbish. Again, we are asking the council to consider CCTV 2. Broken...

Foxborough, Lucan

Camac River, Landsdowne Valley Park, D12 1

22:29 Apr 19, 2013

See photo. Via Submitter says "A lot of plastic bags stuck on trees and rubbish in the river along the length of the park."

Camac River, Mourne Road, Crumlin.jpg

Tandy's Lane, Lucan 2

21:49 Apr 19, 2013

See photo. Via Black bags behind & that's a doll in front (i hope). Submitter says 'regular dumping on this road'

Tandy's Lane, Lucan.JPG

Paint bucket spilled up full lenght of footpath 1

16:09 Apr 19, 2013

Some left a full bucket of paint on the street and it has now been poured and walked up and down the full lenght of the pedestrian footpath > This report...