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Broken Street Light 3

21:24 Apr 14, 2013

Street light damaged following high winds

between 17 & 19 Elmbrook Avenue, Lucan, Co. Dublin


Traffic lights - chapelizod 0

17:50 Apr 14, 2013

Would like to report a malfunction in the traffic lights in the chapelizod area at the end of kylemore road where the bridge lies in chapelizod. When...

Kylemore bridge traffic light junction, chapelizod


illegal parking 3

17:30 Apr 14, 2013

Cars and Van's are illegally parked in a number of locations within St Maelruans Park. Van's are a major problem as they obstruct visibility when parked...

St Maelruans Park

Tree pruning 2

17:20 Apr 14, 2013

Hello, the tree directly outside 15 Glenmurray Park, Terenure, Dublin 12 needs pruning. The branches hang down and scrape off the top of the cars and...

Glenmurray Park, Terenure, Dublin 12

Tree up lifting Kerb 2

16:53 Apr 14, 2013

Out side number 18 The Green,Melrose Park,Swords We have a large Tree that has not been pruned over the years and it has now lifting up the Kerb. When...

The Green, Melrose Park,Swords,Co.Dublin.

NCR near SummerHill Parade #2 1

16:27 Apr 14, 2013

See photo. Via Lots of litter (from the dumped bags)

photo 2.JPG

NCR newar SummerHill Parade 1

16:25 Apr 14, 2013

See photo. Via dumped bags

photo 1.JPG

NCR & Summer St, D1 1

16:18 Apr 14, 2013

See photo. Via christmas tree & decorations

photo 3.JPG

Unsightly Graffiti 2

16:16 Apr 14, 2013

The whole wall at the top of Rathdown Drive, Terenure had been destroyed with graffiti. This wall seems to be a target for graffiti as this is not the...

rathdown drive terenure


Dead tree in The Moorings, Malahide 2

15:51 Apr 14, 2013

There is a dead tree in the dividing section between the cul de sacs in The Moorings and Island View in Malahide. It is the left most tree as seen from...

Cul de Sac. The Moorings, Malahide

Palmer and Park Road Dangerous for Pedestrians and Cyclists 1

15:19 Apr 14, 2013

Palmer Road and Park Road are used as a shortcut by drivers avoiding main street traffic, a lot of whom treat it like a rally circuit. This route is also...


Tree Stump 1

11:39 Apr 14, 2013

The dead tree has outside 15 Norwood Park has finally been replaced but the old trees stump is still there and looks awful

15-17 Norwood Park, Dublin, Co. Dublin

South circular near dolphins barn 0

11:10 Apr 14, 2013

See photo. Via Unoccupied house used as public dump

./South circular near dolphins barn.JPG

Hazardous dumping 3

07:54 Apr 14, 2013

Fridges, chemical waste and abandoned burned out vehicles ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate...


Dumping domestic waste 2

07:54 Apr 14, 2013

Domestic waste ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:


Street art - Western Way 1

22:30 Apr 13, 2013

See photo. Via Street art - Western Way - 2013/04/13

Street art - Western Way.JPG

Water leak 1

21:44 Apr 13, 2013

Water leaking continually in gully? outside of 530 ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this alternate address:...


Illegal Dumping 2

20:18 Apr 13, 2013

There is huge rubbish dump after appearing at the side of the road outside trhis unused pub. The pile is growing by the day

The Rushes Pub near Castlecomer

Rafter's Ln, Crumlin 1

16:25 Apr 13, 2013

See photo. Via Bike, bag, and abandoned wheely bin

8-16 Rafter's Ln, Crumlin.jpg