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Tyrconnell Street2 1

22:38 Apr 07, 2013

See photo. bags of rubbish & buckets of beer bottles

Tyrconnell Street2.jpg

Tyrconnell Street 1

22:37 Apr 07, 2013

See photo. Computer monitor

Tyrconnell Street.jpg

Cathedral Lane D8 4 1

21:58 Apr 07, 2013

See photo. lots of loose litter. Submitter says that street cleaner hasn't been around for a month

Cathedral Lane D8 4.jpg

Cathedral Lane D8 3 1

21:57 Apr 07, 2013

See photo. Payslip

Cathedral Lane D8 3.jpg

Cathedral Lane D8 1 1

21:56 Apr 07, 2013

See photo. This dumping contains idetifying info - a payslip

Cathedral Lane D8 1.jpg

Street light No3 faulty on Tymon Lane 1

21:50 Apr 07, 2013

Street light No 3 faulty on Tymon Lane, Dublin 24. Opposite entrance to Tymon Farm apartments

Tymion Lane Dublin 24


Ross Road last night 1

21:49 Apr 07, 2013

See photo. there since last week

Ross Road last night.jpg

Phibsboro rd 1

21:35 Apr 07, 2013

See photo. St Peters Court, off PBoro Road.

Phibsboro rd.jpg

Broken Wall to Irish Rail car park 1

21:34 Apr 07, 2013

The Wall between College Farm Heights and Irish Rail, car park. Also Irish Rail has been vandalised. Picture details, 1. Irish Rail Fence 2. Fence Close...


Royal Canal,Phibsboro near Broom bridge 1

21:27 Apr 07, 2013

See photo. Down the canal bank walk. Loads of dumping

Royal Canal,Phibsboro near Broom bridge.jpg-large

Cars for cash signs 1

20:45 Apr 07, 2013

Numerous signs have recently appeared around Lucan looking to buy cars for cash. Up to four signs can be seen at each set of traffic lights e.g. Courtneys...

Courtneys pub intersection, Lucan and elsewhere.

Grass Growth 2

19:00 Apr 07, 2013

The grass on the fields in Woodford drive and Woodford avenue is over growing and would be appreciated if you could cut it for the local children playing...

woodford drive clondalkin

Road surface 3

18:09 Apr 07, 2013

New footpath made but they left the road surface they dug up to build it unfinshed and very bumpy This report was originally submitted at


street lighting staying on 1

17:52 Apr 07, 2013

Lamp posts 12, 13, 18 remaining on during day. Like this for the last 6 months

goatstown close, half way down


Dead Fox on the N4 2

15:23 Apr 07, 2013

There has been a dead fox just beside the last 80 kph sign on N4 dual carriage way going into the city centre after the Liffey Valley exit. This dead...

Liffey Valley

Leak 1

15:18 Apr 07, 2013

On the entrance to the Paddocks development , there appears to be a leak just behind the building on the corner of Tandy Lane & Adamstown Road

The Paddocks, Adamstown

long pothole 1

13:55 Apr 07, 2013

a long pothole forming aver old roadworks

middle of the road

brick work on wall around Eircom box 1

10:05 Apr 07, 2013

Brick work had broken of around Eircom box on the entrance in to estate.

beginning of johnsbridge avenue, Lucan