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Rubbish and Illegal Dumping 4

14:12 Dec 21, 2011

At side of house no 1 Woodford Villas and Rubbish bin Woodford Villas and Woodford Rd Clondalkin bags rubbish dumped. Earlier this week more rubbish was...

Woodford Villas, Clondalkin

light out of order 2

11:14 Dec 21, 2011

Hi there There is a street light out of order outside 108/109 Beaufort Downs in Rathfarnham. Can you please fix this?

beaufort downs, rathfarnham


No cycle lane 3

10:27 Dec 21, 2011

A cycle lane on the road or footpath would be useful along this stretch of road. The cars squeeze into the two lanes at both sets of traffic lights leaving...

Rathfarnham Road, Dublin 14

No right turn for cyclists! 1

10:22 Dec 21, 2011

No right turn for cyclists wanting to turn right at the traffic lights at Grange Road (turning right from Grange Road continuing up Grange Road towards...

Grange Road, Rathfarnham

Rubbish 2

10:10 Dec 21, 2011

Rubbish has been dumped in the right hand side ditch on way down to Glen Vale estate, Lucan

Glen Vale, Lucan

Street Light Out 1

22:23 Dec 20, 2011

Lighting Pole number 5 on St. Johns Court is out. If the finances permit could this pole be straightened or better still moved further up the cul-de-sac...

St Johns Court, Clondalkin


Broken Kerbs & Footpaths 1

14:33 Dec 20, 2011

I live in No 3 Hermitage View , Grange Road Rathfarnham, Dublin 16. I have requested this footpath & kerbside to be repaired before and still no reply...

3 Hermitage View, Grange Road

kerbs 1

14:20 Dec 20, 2011

broken kerbs and footpaths all cracked limekiln drive

Limekiln Drive, Greenhills

Broken Street Lights 1

08:40 Dec 20, 2011

Pole numbers, 2,5,8,10 and 12 on Old Bridge Road in Templeogue have not been working for many months now. Can you please send a crew out to have a look...

Old Bridge Road, Templeogue


weeds 1

23:46 Dec 19, 2011

could the heavy line of weeds growing along the stone wall of dodder valley park old bawn rd. be removed and area treated with weedkiller the weeds are...

Old Bawn Road, Tallaght

litter 1

23:42 Dec 19, 2011

in dodder valley park old bawn behind the container dressing rooms there is wood thrown there since halloween can it be removed before it is burnt please

Dodder Valley Park, Old Bawn

broken street light 1

23:33 Dec 19, 2011

Outside number 5 and 6 Earlsfort Lawn, Lucan the street light is not working. This has been the case since last Friday. Thank you.

5 Earlsfort Lawn, Lucan


litter 2

23:33 Dec 19, 2011

on the green area at the top of the firhouse road at the lights at old mill the green area is on the left side as u come up firhouse road, there is a...

Firhouse Road, Tallaght

posters 2

23:12 Dec 19, 2011

Please hav the Lucan litter warden look at (1) Golf Shop advertizing poster at top of Foxhunter slip Road N4 (2) also plumber poster on public railings...

N4, Outer Ring Road, Lucan

Street light out of order 1

21:40 Dec 19, 2011

There is a street light out of order outside 108/109 Beaufort Downs in Rathfarnham

108 Beaufort Downs, Rathfarnham


Street Light out of order 1

16:06 Dec 19, 2011

I live in 97 Butterfield Ave, where i believe sth dublin own the telegraph post and ESB Network own the Light hanging off on the top. Is someone waiting...

97 Butterfield Avenue, Rathfarnham


Pole no 17 1

15:39 Dec 19, 2011

Street light pole lane linking Ballytore Rd to the Dodder Park Rd. The pole is covered in ivy and it is also not working. I have marked it on the map.

Ballytore Road, Rathfarnham,


Public Lighting 1

15:11 Dec 19, 2011

Lamp no 5 is not working on Bewley Drive Lucan Co Dublin I would be grateful if you could repair as soon as possible please. Thanks

Bewley Drive, Lucan


Tree Pruning 2

15:09 Dec 19, 2011

Hello there, could the Council please prune, or indeed remove, the huge Sycamore tree on the pavement outside 49 & 51 Carriglea View, Firhouse, D24? This...

49 Carriglea View, Firhouse

Foot path and dish crumbling away and tarmacadam 2

12:27 Dec 19, 2011

I live in 97 Butterfield Avenue and the path and broken tar macadem outside is in a dreadful condition including the dish to drive literally crumbling...

97 Butterfield Avenue, Rathfarnham