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Big water puddle 3

10:47 Dec 14, 2011

Pathway outside No.5 Colthurst Road (bungalow at entrance to estate), when it rains the water gathers at the wall between wall and grass and makes a huge...

5 Colthurst Road, Lucan

Leaves on foortpaths at Ballyroan Crescent 2

09:25 Dec 14, 2011

There is a significant accumulation of leaves accumulated on thefootpaths leading from Ballyroan Crescent to the entrance to Scoil Naomh Padraig, Sancta...

Ballyroan Crescent, Rathfarnham

Tree gone 2

08:43 Dec 14, 2011

Hi There is a tree gone from our road, it happened during the floods. It's De Selby Rise, Tallaght. Thanks so much!.

23 De Selby Rise, Tallaght

streetlight not working 1

16:38 Dec 13, 2011

Streetlight not woking at Castlelyon avenue, Newcastle Co Dublin. light is located on LHS on way into estate beside 1 st parking spot and the shrubbery...

Castlelyon Avenue, Newcastle


Bags of Household rubbish 3

15:21 Dec 13, 2011

Hi Looks like again there's some bags of household rubbish at the entrance to the Aylesbury church (St Martin de Porres) been there a few days now. Maybe...

Aylesbury, Dublin 24

Leaking foul water 3

14:30 Dec 13, 2011

There is a leak at the corner of The Forge B&B (the left side of the restaraunt shopfront). The liquid is leaking across the lane towards No. 2 Mill Road...

Mill Road, Saggart

Street lighting 1

11:38 Dec 13, 2011

Street light no. 7 on Earlsfort lawn, Lucan is out. Thanks

Earlsfort Lawn, Lucan


Street Light Not Working 1

22:56 Dec 12, 2011

The street light number 60 situated on the roundabout at the top of the Ballycullen Road, Dublin 24 is not funtioning

Ballycullen Road, Dublin 24


Tree Hazard - Old Bawn 3

22:30 Dec 12, 2011

To whom it may concern, I am writing to you to inform you that there is a tree at the side of my house in Cul Na Greine, Old Bawn, whose roots are protruding...

Side of 36 Cul Na Greine, Old Bawn

destroyed green areas 2

22:25 Dec 12, 2011

are the council going to fix the green strips at the entrance to aylesbury estate and on the old bawn road around this area. they are A mess since flooding...

Aylesbury, Tallaght, Dublin 24

litter 2

21:57 Dec 12, 2011

can the old bawn road have a sweeper lorry run its entire lenght lots of rubbish and silt on road. also green bins are a big problem constantly blowing...

Old Bawn Road, Tallaght

foothpath needs cleaning 2

21:47 Dec 12, 2011

can the footpath outside the old mill pub in tallaght, at the old bawn bridge end be swept lots of dead leaves and branches following windy weather have...

Old Bawn Road, Tallaght

Public lights not working 1

21:47 Dec 12, 2011

There are a number of lights along the main path in Greenhills Park. Numbers 1,5 and 6 have not been working for some months but it is much more obvious...

Greenhills Park, Greenhills


illegal dumping 2

16:17 Dec 12, 2011

Someone dumped mattresses on the corner of our street

Palmertwown Woods

mattresses being dumped 2

16:10 Dec 12, 2011

mattresses being dumped on street corner

Palmerstown Woods

Public lighting 1

15:56 Dec 12, 2011

There is no street lighting at all on the Neilstown road and it is extremely dark and unsettling going over to get the bus in the early mornings. Can...

Neilstown Road


Presedential Election Poster 2

15:38 Dec 12, 2011

Presedential Election poster (Sinn Fein) on public lighting pole on St Colmcille's Way(R113) adjacent to football pitches in Knocklyon Park. This poster...

Knocklyon Park

Street Lights not Working 1

15:24 Dec 12, 2011

Street lights on the lower lucan Road Strawberry Beds not working Poles 9 and 10 fix when you have a chance thanks

lower lucan road


Tree pruning 2

14:59 Dec 12, 2011

We live in 6 Raheen Crescent and previously reported that the tree outside our house was blocking the sunlight from the house and we requested could it...

6 raheen crescent

Dumping of Mattress's 2

14:28 Dec 12, 2011

A van pulled up and dumped 2 mattress on our street !!!!

Palmerstown woods