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Offensive Graffiti in Sean Walsh Park 1

14:17 Jun 26, 2017

At or near almost every bridge in Sean Walsh Memorial Park the words have been sprayed in black paint.

sean walsh memorial park


Trre and shrub maintenance 2

13:59 Jun 26, 2017

As previously requested at least twice before please arrange to have bushes, trees, shrubs, ivy etc severly pruned and removed at WEST end of public park...

Carrickbrack Hill Sutton D13

Dangerous path defects 2

13:53 Jun 26, 2017

Footpath outside 5 Carrickbrack Hill Sutton D13T8X3 has been in dangerous state for a number of years and presents trip and slip risks, due to a number...

5 Carrickbrack Hill Sutton D13T8X3

Waste / Illegal Dumping 2

13:50 Jun 26, 2017

Illegal dumping on Strand Street Great, D1. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping

26–37 Strand Street Great, Henry Street Core, Dublin, Ireland

Illegal Dumping 1

13:31 Jun 26, 2017

illegally dumped waste on the Coldwinters road leading to the ESB 220KV station in Finglas


Abandoned Car 1

13:10 Jun 26, 2017

Silver Audi appears to be abandoned here. can it be removed? ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it at this...


overgrown trees 1

13:05 Jun 26, 2017

Trees are over grown on The Walk, Skerries Rock. On a windy day the branches of the first tree are nearly hitting the roof of the cars parked.

The Walk/ the Vale Skerries rock

Traffic Lights 1

13:05 Jun 26, 2017

The sensors on the traffic lights do not appear to take cyclists into account. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...


hedge trimming required 2

12:53 Jun 26, 2017

Hy there, I live in annsbrook, wimbletown, ballyboughal and our narrow road is being closed in by growing hedges and grass on the banks....just enquiring...


Abandoned Car 1

12:37 Jun 26, 2017

A car has been abandoned on Dun Na Riogh Green for a month now. The car tax expired in May 2017 and the insurance expired in November 2016

Dun Na Riogh Green, Naas

Litter 1

12:35 Jun 26, 2017

Church Grove Aylesbury full of litter.

Church grove, aylesbury

Trees & Hedges on L6322 1

12:20 Jun 26, 2017

Hi there The trees and hedges on the L6322, especially on the junction with the former Collon Road have become overgrown, making visibility onto the...

A92 ND0V

Broken Glass on Road 2

12:05 Jun 26, 2017

Hi there is a considerable amount of broken glass on North Brunswick St eastbound and in cycle lane on Nth King St westbound Please arrange for it to...


83 dromcarra ave jobstown tallaght 0

12:04 Jun 26, 2017

My path way is very dangerous there is holes in it where tar worn off i had a bad fall myself over it

83 dromcarra ave jobstown tallaght

Request for county council road sweeper 1

11:55 Jun 26, 2017

The soil/grass has been loosened and swept together in piles along Riverwood Lawn (from numbers 7 to 15). My brown bin in full so could the road sweeper...


Two blocked rainwater drains 1

11:50 Jun 26, 2017

There are two blocked rainwater drains here - full of loose soil from the landscaping work done recently by the county council. There is a terrible smell...


Rubbish dumped - separate to previous report 1

11:50 Jun 26, 2017

More rubbish has been dumped in the same location (beside the gate) and also further along the Lane heading towards the Knockmeenagh end, it is clearly...


Hedges from park overgrown into garden 1

11:48 Jun 26, 2017

Hi, who is responsible these bushes that are blocking sunlight and hanging into my garden

Admiral park

Graffiti increasing 1

11:45 Jun 26, 2017

There is graffiti on every metal box and road sign along the coolmine road. The's are the responsibility of lots of different bodies including Fingal...

Coolmine road dublin 15


Abandonded car 1

11:45 Jun 26, 2017

An abandonded car was left in the layby (N81) opposite the derelict pub (Blue Gardenia)on Friday 23/6.It has had all its windows smashed also. Can this...