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Waste / Illegal Dumping 3

16:04 Jan 19, 2021

Lane between Farrenboley park and St Columbanus road Dublin 14. Furniture, not hazardous. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping...

Near N/A

Domestic waste dumped 1

15:52 Jan 19, 2021

4 large black bin bags dumped on sundale crescent in jobstown this afternoon. The cats and black birds are starting to tear them.. -- posted via

Near Sundale crescent jobstown

Pot hole 0

15:49 Jan 19, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to report a major issue and concern in regards to the road identified in the map above. There are numerous deep pot holes...

Near 52.628335,-8.828018

Waste / Illegal Dumping 1

15:34 Jan 19, 2021

Illegally placed street furniture. Submitted via EPA/NIECE Smartphone App. #Waste/IllegalDumping -- posted via the public api

Near N/A

Deep Potholes 0

15:25 Jan 19, 2021

Deep potholes on side of road from Cummins cross towards newport, outside house on left, can cause damage. -- posted via

Near Cummins Cross

Public lighting out of order 1

15:14 Jan 19, 2021

Lights on the outer ring road (R136) and Castle road bordering Fforster estate are still out of order. (This has been reported a couple of times before...

Near 53.347135165648,-6.4253124127877


Damaged tree 1

15:13 Jan 19, 2021

Damaged tree St. Patrick's Road. -- posted via mobile web

Near Outside 72 St.Patricks Rd Greenhills D 12

Full street lights not working 1

15:06 Jan 19, 2021

Full row of street lights not working on my road. Very dangerous at night. -- posted via mobile web

Near Mount Gandon Lucan


Street Lighting on Swords, Millers Glen, The Rise 0

15:05 Jan 19, 2021

Good Morning team, site manager, all, I am writing to inform you that one of the streetlamp on ''The Rise'' doesn't work, leaving part of...

Near Millers Glen , The Rise


Persistent litter problems 1

15:04 Jan 19, 2021

Appalling levels of litter on Castle road in the vicinity of Ballyowen castle shopping centre / Penny hill pub. (Dreadful levels of litter on a continuous...

Near 53.346797,-6.423689

Domestic refuse dumping 1

15:04 Jan 19, 2021

Bags of household rubbish dumped at the roadside and scattered around. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can find it...

Near 52.909583,-9.263507

Illegal dumping 2

14:52 Jan 19, 2021

In lackyle north labasheeda clare a black audi drove slowly up the road from the shore throwing beer bottles out the window as he drove. I've seen the...

Near V15 XV61

Litter in Fingal ditches 0

14:43 Jan 19, 2021

Hi, during the lockdown, I've been walking a lot in my local area and am shocked at the amount of litter I see in ditches. This covers everything from...

Near Featherbed Lane, Ballykea, Lusk

Litter 1

14:27 Jan 19, 2021

Roadside litter all along Killinniny Road, Dublin 24, from junction of Ballycullen Road to junction of Firhouse Road. -- posted via

Near Killinniny Road, Dublin 24

Rat holes 0

14:27 Jan 19, 2021

5 rat holes on grass verge beside path. One hole is particularly big, someone could trip over it. -- posted via mobile web

Near Colthurst Gardens/Crescent, opposite 13 Colthurst Gardens, Lucan

Rubbish in lane 1

14:24 Jan 19, 2021

I've reported tis back in 2015 and have nothing back this is in the lane at the back of my house,the wild hedge is over grown into our gardens,and the...

Near 53.29521214018,-6.3464181749701

Grass Verge - St. John's Green 0

14:14 Jan 19, 2021

Cars are parking on the grass verge on St. John's Green, in spite of the fact the the public car park is open with plenty of room for all. The grass is...

Near 53.316612793445,-6.4076736540218

Broken lights 2

13:19 Jan 19, 2021

Lights numbered 1 to 4 on during daylight hours. Lights 5 to 7 inclusive operate only infrequently or not at all. ---- This report was originally...

Near 52.352508990526,-7.732968530906


Boundary wall decay/ water leak 3

13:08 Jan 19, 2021

Hi there The boundary walls around my property are damp marked - these marks are seeping through paint. Could this be investigated please for an...

Near Lucan

Abandoned Car 0

12:40 Jan 19, 2021

A Red Audi has been abandoned ,it hasn't moved in over a year and nobody seems to know who owns it. Can you please look into this and have removed if...

Near Ellensborough Downs, Kiltipper Rd. Tallaght.