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Water Meter Leak 2

09:51 Oct 18, 2017

At no 22 Colthurst Crescent the water meter seems to always have a minor puddle around it, no matter how dry the rest of the footpath.

Colthurst Crescent

Tree broken by Ophelia 1

09:49 Oct 18, 2017

At the top of Colthurst Road the first tree on the street is broken in two blocking the footpath. Incidentally the sign for Colthurst Road has fallen...

colthurst road, lucan

Illegal Dumping 1

09:48 Oct 18, 2017

2 black bin bags As usual on our street

Warrenstown Walk, Blanchardstown Dublin 15

Illegal Dumping 1

09:45 Oct 18, 2017

Just wish to report another illegal dumping today, 2 black bin bags on Warrenstown Walk, Blanchardstown Dublin 15

Warrenstown Walk, Blanchardstown dublin 15

Blocked Drain 2

09:41 Oct 18, 2017

The drain outside address with eircode F23 Y194 is blocked and floods to footpath/house level with heavy rain. As more rain is forecast for the weekend...

4 castlegrove

Storm damaged tree 2

09:20 Oct 18, 2017

Tree outside number 48 is split in two. Is dangerous as could fall at any time. ---- This report was originally submitted at You can...


Fallen tree 1

09:16 Oct 18, 2017

There is a tree down on a public green in Skerries, Co Dublin. It's on the shared green at Townparks/Newtownparks/Shallock Hill/Selskar.


Broken Street Light 1

09:15 Oct 18, 2017

Street light number 13 at the entrance to Orchard rise. The lamp head has blown off the pole and is hanging by it's cable. ---- This report was originally...



Broken street light College Crescent Nr.1 1

09:03 Oct 18, 2017

After the storm I noticed that the street light on College Crescent in Terenure, to the left Nr. 1 and diagonally opposite to Nr.2 is broken. It would...



Tree down 1

08:29 Oct 18, 2017

Tree down on Butterfield Park in Rathfarnham, Dublin 14, beside the junction to Butterfield Close. Leaning on garden wall, blocking pavement.

Butterfield Park & Butterfield Close junction

Blocked shore 1

04:25 Oct 18, 2017

The public shore at 5e corner of thorigne fouillard lane and chapel road in Lusk is blocked. Also the road is badly carved up with dangerous pot holes...


Street lighting casing sprayed over with black spray 1

01:20 Oct 18, 2017

Street lighting poles numbered 7 and 13 which is on the opposite side of the street both casings covers have been sprayed over with black spray by some...



Illegal dumping 2

22:45 Oct 17, 2017

Rubbish dumped near numbers 10, 12, at corner with Cameron Street. Also significant amount of rubbish behind ESB sub station at Darley's Terrace. ----...


Streetlight broken 1

22:03 Oct 17, 2017

Streetlight broken

Pinebrook Lawn


Street light bulb 2

22:01 Oct 17, 2017

The street light bulb on Forest Green at the end of the cul de sac between house 12 and 11.. in Kingswood Heights Tallaght

End of cultural de sac on Forest Green


Fly tipping 1

21:45 Oct 17, 2017

Hi, there is constant fly tipping behind a fence on a laneway between roads 2 & 5 in Carlton Court ---- This report was originally submitted at


Tree blocking street lighting 1

21:40 Oct 17, 2017

Please prune trees and end of Beverly Rise (cul de sac) where trees are completely overgrown and blocking out street lighting.

Beverly Rise, Knocklyon

Remove debris for road 1

21:25 Oct 17, 2017

Debris has accumulated on Strand Road Portmarnock and will block drains which will lead to flooding. The debris should be removed.

Strand Road Portmarnock County Dublin

Dangerous tree 0

21:14 Oct 17, 2017

Dead tree between 3 and 4 Huntstown wood


Illegal advertisment tied to Dodder Bridge 1

21:13 Oct 17, 2017

This bridge is turning into an unofficial advertising hoarding with regular adverts tied to the bridge.

On north side of Dodder Bridge